The Whispers manuscript is complete and fully edited.  We are in the final round of testing.  Only meta-endings remain to be done.

 An action/sci-fi digital interactive novel with a unique 4th wall harnessing twist.

On December 21, 2028, a small multinational team was tasked with a mission of utmost secrecy: infiltrate a secret facility deep in the mountains of Japan, and on behalf of the Japanese government take back control of one of the world’s last Weapons of Mass Destruction.


On this team is a career soldier with a history of hit and miss command missions (Robert Jenkins), a seasoned operative, a political functionary and sometimes spy, a mechanical engineer, and an electronics and surveillance specialist. 









Via our iDGi-1 satellite, YOU are able to enter the mind of the commander, Robert Jenkins. 

YOU are a voice in Jenkin’s head. Whisper commands, supplant thoughts and direct actions. YOU decide if he lives or dies, succeeds or fails.















Always remember: Robert Jenkins is not a character made of pixels that you can use and discard without applying a moral compass. He is a real person living his life in a parallel universe who is at first unaware of our presence in his mind. It may be your whim to toss his life to the winds, but as you read about his demise in text form, somewhere out there a real man bleeds to death in the dark.








Do not make decisions lightly, and always remember that your actions or inactions have ramifications on a scale we may never fully comprehend.



• 300,000+ word interactive novel with a story that comes together as a direct result of YOUR choices.  There are thousands of possible versions of the narrative, and dozens of secrets.

• Over 100 endings.  

• Dozens of illustrations in the form of "brain scans" taken from your host 


This experience is designed with mobile devices in mind.  It is not a traditional PC game and should be treated like reading a traditional novel.  Lots of words.  
Whispers will be made available on Steam.  Wishlish it now, if you wish!
Core narrative is complete.  We are working on adding polish and additional pieces to the intricate puzzle-like nature of the story and would love for folks to dive in and give us feedback.