Valentine's Day

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year, we went to a restaurant and had a yummy dinner while we talked and laughed.

I know that Valentine's Day is silly and businesses push you to buy presents and chocolates but for the three of us, (husband, daughter and me), it was just an excuse to do something different on a Thursday.

The way I see it those kind of made up celebrations can be positive if you don't fall for the consumerism. They can be positive because sometimes in our very busy lives we don't make time or not enough time to sit and talk and break the routine.

Kids certainly don't need to eat more candy, and it seems that all year long we have some type of candy for each celebration. I'm all about experiences and creating special moments with my favorite people.

I also feel that spending Valentine's Day with your kids can be awesome. Kids inject great energy into conversations, they're funny and very cute. Their innocence and points of view are extremely beautiful.

I think Valentine's Day is a delightful opportunity to bond and have fun even in a -7 degrees full of snow Thursday.