The Rules of School, the rules of life

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

My husband and I taught our daughter the rules of school. These rules are:

  1. Keep your hands to yourself.

  2. Listen to the teacher.

  3. Say please and thank you.

  4. Be a caring and good friend.

  5. Be kind to everyone.

The rules of school, are some of the rules of life. I don't understand why some adults think that they only have to follow those rules when they're little and then they can forget about them when they grow up.

"Stay kind. It makes you beautiful" -Najwa Zebian.

We always tell our daughter that we follow those same rules plus more, as we grow up we need to follow the rules of the road, rules of a responsible citizen, etc.

If all of us could follow those rules then we would live in a peaceful society, where no one would even think of stealing from others, everybody would respect your space, we would all listen to each other and we would be happier because we would be kind to each other.

Why is this so hard? it's so basic that you would think it's the easiest thing to do yet we live in a world of violence. There is a lot of good in the world, I'm not saying everything is wrong, all I'm saying is it should be better. Being kind is easy. We just need to get rid of jealousy, envy, selfishness, aggression and apathy.

I've met some people that can't be happy when someone else is happy. So they surround themselves with people that is in worse situations than they are so they can feel better.

I find that disgusting.

You can't call yourself a friend if you are wishing them bad stuff.

I have met some women that surround themselves with other women that in their minds are "less beautiful" than them. This way they feel like the most beautiful of the bunch.

This sounds like the Evil Queen of Snow White.

The fact that still in this day women have to think twice of going out and have to worry about walking in a dark street at night, etc. That should be a thing of the past.

It's not fair to live like this. We need to be free and safe. Everybody should understand that there is absolutely no excuse for aggression. There are always ways to solve things in a peaceful way. Violence just causes more violence.

There is no room for aggression in a civilization. We tell kids since they are in kindergarten that we have to use our words. And we help them learn to control themselves, not because little Susan has a delicious ice-cream and Poopyface wants it, that means he can take it from her. Poopyface needs to control the urge and think things through.

It's the same with adults. Not because a man sees a beautiful woman walking in the street minding her own business that means he can assault her just because he wants her.

That man needs to control himself, there is absolutely no excuse for assaulting people.

It certainly doesn't matter the way she dresses or the time of the day, there is just no excuse for violence of any kind.

We all have to control ourselves, sometimes we get upset when someone at a store or bank is not being helpful or understanding but that doesn't give us the right to punch them in the face. We need to calm down and try to communicate in a more effective way or just ask to speak with the manager or whatever. The rules of school (life), still apply.

I don't know why some people over-complicate this topic. If someone can't control his or her actions then they should be put away. If someone can't follow the rules and decides to attack people then they are a danger to society. That means they don't belong in a civilized world, so they have to go to jail. It's that simple.

It's outrageous the fact that many people blame the victims instead of doing what's right and putting away the aggressor. Blaming the victim is unfair and ridiculous.

Again, if you compare it with kids, you are not going to blame the kid that just got scratched with the stick. You are going to have a serious talk with the kid who held the stick and used it to hurt. Whoever is the aggressor has to be the one taking responsibility of his/her actions and face the consequences.

Kids learn from example, so we as parents need to give them the best example possible. They need to learn from us how to fix problems and find peaceful solutions to everything.

We all benefit from being peaceful.

I found this on Pinterest the other day and it goes wonderfully with this topic: