Quick Halloween projects

As always, I'm going to show you some ideas of things you can do with your little ones.

I love to see my daughter's face when she sees one of her creations being proudly displayed in the house.

Painted Mason Jars:

This is such an easy project for them to do and it looks beautiful with real votive candles or the battery powered ones.

We just used non-toxic paint, brushes and imagination!

Their own drawings:

My daughter was feeling very creative and decided to make her very own monster.

My daughter's pumpkin:

I helped her a little bit with the tools but she created a fancy kitty.

A "spooky" garland:

For this project you only need a string of yarn, colored paper, sticky tape, scissors and markers.

My daughter wanted to carve two pumpkins:

Daddy and little girl working hard!

Another little project was to make our very own tablecloth, for this project we just bought a very cheap but thick fabric.

Then my daughter and I had fun drawing witches, zombies and all sorts of Halloween stuff in it. We used sharpies so it's washable and every year we can add more drawings to it until we run out of space.

The last project I'm going to show you is a very simple but cute Halloween wreath.

Made with dry baby wipes, a little bit of yarn, tin foil, black sharpie for the ghosts,

gift ribbons, stickers and an old metal hanger that we shaped into a circle.

  • We just made little balls of tin foil and wrapped them with the dry baby wipes.

  • After that we tied the ghosts with a little string of yarn and we drew the faces with the sharpie.

  • We attached the ghosts to the hanger with another string of yarn.

  • Then we just added the stickers and the gift ribbons.

  • We decided to make a ghost hanging in the middle so we just used a longer string of yarn.

As I said before all these projects are perfect for little kids and they look super cute.

I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

"Every day is Halloween, isn't it? For some of us..." -Tim Burton

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