Pony Piñata

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

My daughter is a mega fan of My Little Pony so for one of her birthdays I made her this Piñata. It was laborious but worth it! Everybody had tons of fun.

For this project you will need:

  1. The biggest balloon you can find (the bigger, the more candy it fits)

  2. Yarn of the colors of your choice or character, in this case I made Rainbow Dash so I needed the colors of the rainbow.

  3. Sticky Tape (I use packing tape).

  4. White glue.

  5. Recycle some newspaper or flyers or whatever paper you have around the house that you don't need anymore.

  6. Water based paint. ( I used Crayola water based paint)

  7. Plastic bags (Perfect time to recycle them)

  8. Sharpies for the details like the cutie mark and the eyes.

  9. Sturdy cardboard for the wings. (You can use an empty cereal box, something sturdy but easy to work with)

  10. Scissors.

  11. Thick, sturdy paper rope to hang the Piñata. Make sure it's sturdy enough so it holds the weight and the bashing.

  12. You can add Glitter or any other extra decoration of your choice.

  13. Big rope to hang it from a tree or from a high place.

So first of all it's how to make a piñata, I found this easy tutorial online that you could follow:


You can follow up to the point where they paint the Piñata, paint it with the color of your choice, in my case it was blue because I made Rainbow Dash.

The body of the pony is the actual Piñata where the candies are, all the other parts are made of molded plastic bags and sticky tape.


  1. Once you have your piñata, don't forget to leave the hole for the candies, in this case is located at the top of the body between the wings. Fill it with the candy, (I always use individually wrapped candy so it doesn't get dirty when it falls on the floor)

  2. Once you have the piñata you will realize that it looks very round and vertical and we need to make it look like the body of the pony, which is horizontal. Don't worry, you can achieve the look by adding the legs and tail and the pony will just have a big belly.

  1. Now we start making the body parts:

  • For the leg we start bunching together a few plastic bags, secure the shape with sticky tape, that's why I use packing tape because it covers more space. The good thing about using plastic bags or (you are welcome to use more newspaper), is that it's easy to mold. Make four legs of the same size (length and width).

  • Once you have all the legs you can attach them to the piñata body with sticky tape.

  • The neck is the same thing; you bunch up a few plastic bags or newspaper to make it look like a neck and then secure it with sticky tape.

  • Once you have the neck you start working on the head before attaching it to the body.

  • For the head it's the same process, you bunch up newspaper or plastic bags to make it look like a pony's head and then you attach it to the neck with sticky tape.

  • Once you have the neck and head you attach it to the body with more sticky tape.

  • For the ears I used more sturdy paper and then attached it to the head with sticky tape. Try to make a small cave so it looks like an ear.

  • For the wings I drew them in a sturdy piece of cardboard and then I cut them, painted them, waited for them to dry and then attached them to the body with sticky tape.

  • Cut approx. 40cm. of the paper rope and make a tight knot with the tips, making an O shape with the rope.

  • Attach the rope to the body with lots of sticky tape, right in the middle of the wings covering the hole of candies. Make sure is very well attached because it has to resist the weight of the candies and the bashing with the pole.

  • Then to secure all the body parts and the hole of the piñata I wrapped the whole finished body with extra newspaper using the white glue and then let it dry.

  • Then you can proceed to paint all your pony's body and let it dry.

  • For the eyes and the cutie mark I just google My Little Pony and I tried my best to make eyes that look similar to them in a white sheet of paper, then I colored with sharpies and attached them to the body with sticky tape.

  • For the hair I cut all the strings of the different colors of yarn the same size and then fold them in half. Cut long strings so when you fold them the hair is still long.

  • Once you fold them then cut another string of yarn to tie them together.

  • Once you do this you can attach them to the back of the head, tape in the middle of where you folded the hair, this way you have the same amount of hair falling on each side of the pony.

  • For the tail you have to cut larger strings and fold them in half, again attach them to the body applying the sticky tape in the middle of the fold and then try to hide the sticky tape with the yarn. I suggest you make a big puffy tail using as much yarn as possible.

  • For the hair on the pony's forehead it's the same process but obviously much smaller strings of yarn so when you fold them they won't cover the eyes.

  • Once you are ready to use your piñata you pass the tip of the rope in the paper rope hole and then you hang it from a balcony, a deck or a tree.

  • Congratulations, you now have a piñata!

“Be a Unicorn in a field of horses”