My Little Pony Party Ideas

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

These are some of the things my daughter and I created for her birthday party. My daughter and I do all the crafts together and I let her express her creativity. By doing this, we have fun before and at the party.

In order to make this you just need a big piece of cardboard. I just used the box of the TV, made it flat and then wrapped it with the roll of paper you can find at IKEA.

I taped it on the back and made it look seamless. It's important to tape it tight and only on the back because you will need to draw the pony and you don't want to draw on top of sticky tape.

Once you have this you're ready to draw, my daughter loves Rainbow Dash but you can draw other pony. I wrote the instructions on the side and then my daughter drew other things to make it look extra awesome.

Once you're satisfied with the look then you cover the whole front with sticky tape, that's why it's so important to use packing tape because it's wider and that way very carefully you go from top to bottom, until everything is smooth and protected.

This is an important step, because you don't want the paper to get ruined when the kids pin the tails over and over again.

For the tails we used yarn of the colors of the ponies, (pink for pinkie pie, yellow for apple jack, rainbow color for rainbow dash, purple and pink for twilight sparkle, purple for rarity, light pink for fluttershy and white for granny apple)

We cut a bunch of long strings of yarn and then fold them in half, (the more strings the puffier the tail will look), and then just tie them together with another string of yarn.

After this you cut 7 circles of cardboard, 7 inches diameter and you punch two holes in each one of them. Then you cut 7 strings of yarn and you pass them through the holes of each circle and then attach them to each of the tails. Here is the photo of granny apple's tail:

They don't have to be perfect, the purpose of the circles is to have a way to pin the tails to the pony and since this party was for preschool kids I didn't want to use anything that could be dangerous.

Once you attach the circle to the tail then you cover it with tape. You do this so you can add a round piece of sticky tape so you can give it to the kids and they can pin it in the pony.

This is another reason why I always use packing tape, because you can make big rounds of tape so there is enough space for their little fingers to slip inside the round and enough sticky surface to stick on the pony.

If the round sticky tape loses it's sticky power then you can easily make a new one without problem. This is especially easy because the kids have to take turns pining the tail and you have 7 tails, so if one needs a new sticky tape round the kids can keep on playing, you won't be stopping the game.


This idea is simple, safe and fun for little kids. Next I'm going to show you other things we created for the party:

Chocolate cake with buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant:

Rainbow Cookies:

Pony Masks:

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