Monster Wreath!

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

This is a lovely way to decorate your door so you can show your Halloween spirit in a funny and cute way.

Every year my daughter and I have a hard time choosing our design for the Halloween wreath, there are so many options out there it's overwhelming.

This monster wreath was our pick for the year.

I love projects that help you get rid of those tiny scraps of fabric, little balls of yarn, all sorts of craft materials that are to small or just not enough to make an entire project but you can put them into a good use so you always end up having a clean workshop without wasting anything.

For this project you are going to need:

  1. Yarn of every color or type you have, unless you want your monster to have specific colors.

  2. Cheap metal hanger from the cleaners.

  3. Scissors.

  4. Sticky tape. (I always use the wide packing tape because it's stronger).

  5. Black Sharpie or any color you want the eyes to be.

  6. Tin foil for covering the body parts and making the eyes.

  7. Any cardboard you may have around the house, from a diaper box or whatever. Just make sure it's somewhat thick so the body parts are sturdy.

  8. A couple of dry baby wipes for the eyes.

  9. A one-hole punch.

We always have a lot of yarn in the house, and we happen to have a lot of mini-almost-gone yarn balls that are not enough to make a whole project but are the perfect elements for this one.

  • Fist we used one of those metal hangers that you get from the cleaners and bent it into the shape of a circle.

  • Then we gathered all the yarn we have and started making pom poms, here we show you how to make them:

  • Then you will need to make as many pom poms as you can to completely fill the metal hanger, use as many colors and different types of yarn it doesn't matter. You can be creative and make a colorful monster!

  • You can attach the pom poms to the hanger with a piece of yarn and tie them very close together to create a chubby monster body.

  • Once you are satisfied with the look of the body then we move on to the eyes.

  1. Make two big balls of tin foil.

  2. Cover them with dry baby wipes and tie them up with a piece of yarn in the end leaving some extra so you can tie them up to the hanger.

  3. Draw the eyes with a sharpie. You can make a one eye monster or two eyes, that's up to you. If you want to try a one eye monster then I would suggest you make a very big eyeball. :)

  4. Now you can attach the eyeballs to the hanger with the extra yarn you left and then we move on to the teeth.

  • For the teeth you want to use your sharpie and draw monster teeth in any piece of cardboard you may have around your house, after this you cut them up and wrap them with tin foil. You can use sticky tape on the back of the teeth to make sure the tin foil won't move. I use packing tape because it's stronger.

  • Same thing with the arms and legs, I just used a big piece of cardboard and I wrapped them with tin foil, securing them with sticky tape on the back.

  • Once you have all the body pieces you punch holes on the edges and then attach them to the hanger with a piece of yarn, I made two holes on all the big parts of the body to secure it well.

  • Voilà you are done! You can add things and make the monster scary looking, it depends on your style. I wanted to make something cute because my daughter is little so we have to make cute non-scary Halloween decorations. I would love if you can share with me your final creation!

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